Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Meeting Was A Success!

We had a great meeting tonight using Go To Meeting - we're sorry if you couldn't get in - we filled up pretty quickly. If you did get in thank you so much for helping us test out the software! Above is the flesh tone demo I did in Photoshop.

We look forward to our first SVS online class beginning Monday the 10th at 7:00PM MST. If you're in the FULL class we will be having a meet & greet this Sunday night at the same time 7:00PM MST. This will be an opportunity to test out your microphone and get familiar with the software if you weren't able to attend our test class today.


  1. The meeting was great...very informative and the audio/video was clear! Thanks and see you on Sunday!!

  2. Will, a couple people in class asked if this session was recorded, but I didn't catch the answer, is there a recording available?


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