Sunday, July 7, 2013

Updates On Our SVS Classes

Just a few updates on our classes:

1) Illustration for Storytellers will only be available for a few more days. Wednesday July 10th will be the last day you can purchase the LITE version of the class. After that you will have to wait until we run it again. We hope to offer this class again in the fall - hopefully in October be we haven't finalized the date yet. Here are all of the details on this class.

2) The Critique Class (companion to illustration for storytellers) is LIVE right now. The class is about half full already. This class was designed for the people who couldn't get into the COMPLETE live class. The requirement however is that you first take the LITE version of illustration for storytellers. This is so that we can work from a common language and understanding when we are critiquing your illustrations in class. Here are the details for this class.

3) We are planning to announce a comics class by Jake Parker and a one day photoshop workshop - probably 6 hours of intensive ramp up to getting you working digitally taught by me.

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