Monday, January 12, 2015

I Love Drawing Cute...Sometimes...

I was trying to analyze why I like to draw cute things...I think it was that I really enjoyed my kids when they were babies - I used to love to kiss those fat cheeks...I was thinking about that yesterday after beating my youngest at ping pong and he was somewhat frustrated...and then I remembered him when he was a baby...and so I drew this.


  1. Hi, I'm going to purchase your tutorial but I'm not sure which one I should purchase as a start. I'm not a beginner in photoshop, however, my coloring technique is quite poor. I'm interested in digital painting, your cute arts are always amazed me. I found out that my painting/coloring is very solid, wish to add on texture and know more about the uses of the paint brush. Please kindly let me know which tutorial I should purchase to master coloring in photoshop, thanks and have a nice day.

    1. Hi Caroline, You might really like the "10 step digital painting" This one really helps with understanding the steps...

  2. Beautiful picture!!!! Such an attractive drawing... I loved it...
    Jaslynn, Edubilla

  3. Amazing picture!! Cute frustration!


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