Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Un-Represented Again

I’m now a free agent and in a position to negotiate my own contracts with my clients. It was a good ride with Shannon Associates but due to creative differences we have now parted ways. It was great to work with that company and we did many wonderful projects together. I’m now on my own again and embracing the freedom this affords me. If you have a project that you think might be a good match for me please call or email me direct – 801-368-7568.

Well I've been busy at night working on this painting trying to gain more control with photoshop and I'm happy with the results on this one. I'm still experimenting with the texture but I think in most parts of the painting it's working out. If you have my book The Frog with the Big Mouth you might recognize the little froggy in the lower right. I've always been jealous of digital painters for the ability to rip themselves off - now I get to do it!

This piece was a "just for fun" painting but now I feel I'm ready to send out digital art to my clients. So if you're a client and don't mind working with a new digital guy I'd love to chat. I love the ability it gives me to work on details and erase unwanted paint and the control over color and value are undeniable.


  1. Beautifully composed. This painting is so rich, I could stare at it for hours. I love the light and your treatment of the values too. Excellent job. It's clear that you're definitely getting a handle on your new tool.

  2. It looks beautiful! Good work! Are you making the texture just with brushes, or do have another method? Do you borrow colors from you acrylic paintings, or do you mix colors? This is great stuff!

  3. Love it! The colors are exquisite!

  4. Wow Will! The lighting, colors and texture are great! Not to mention your characters! You sure grabbed the photoshop paintbrush and ran. Fantastic stuff!

  5. You really have made the jump well, Will.
    How do you plan to go about being a free agent?


  6. Wow- you're really getting a hang of photoshop! I'm impressed - before you know it you'll be doing everything digitally! :)
    (Then what would become of you're palette??)

  7. Thanks for all the love guys - I put a lot of time into this piece with the hopes of finally being able to recreate my traditional work. It means a lot to me when others see value in what I'm doing.

    Jed - I have developed quite a few contacts over the years and have contacted some of them again with good results. My work load became too heavy on publishing and I'm looking forward to pursuing other types of assignments.

    Becky - my palette is feeling left out - like the tailings of an abandoned played out mine - my pile of paint sits in silence reminiscing a bygone era. Perhaps I'll frame it as an obsolete relic of my earlier work. :)


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