Monday, January 25, 2010

New Book Project

This is an image for a book project I'm currently working on and unless you just arrived on this planet you already know what the book is. I wanted to make an image that would bring a slight twist on this classic tale and I thought playing with the scale of the troll might make my piece more unique. Can you tell if I painted this traditionally or digitally?

I've always been puzzled when musicians re-make a well-known song yet fail to put their own artistry into the performance. I hope I can give this book freshness so that both adults and children can appreciate it.

Part of my process has always been to work from a warm tone over the entire surface - and then I add tone to the shadow areas.

I combined two sketches because I was having a hard time drawing the Troll where I wanted him in one sketch. I used photoshop to get it right...and the painting was also done in photoshop. - Brushes that never run out of paint! Undo! Copy Paste! Endless Adjustments! Speed! No Shipping Costs!


  1. Who's trip trapping over my bridge!? Fantastic work, Will. I really commend you on your unique troll design. It struck me immediately and it's wonderful to see a new take on it. Bravo! Also, to answer your question: no I don't think it's obvious that this was done digitally. It's pretty seamless. Nice job.

  2. Wow Will good job! the sky in this piece is really close to looking like your traditional stuff. Really hard to tell if it's digital or that's good right?
    fun to see you excited about this digital stuff, pretty big can of worms you're opening!

  3. That troll is gross. Good job. I really believe that he eats goats. And probably any other creature he can get his paws on.

  4. Holy cheeseball, this is good stuff. Nice work Will. Super cool as always.

    My guess on your question is BOTH. It looks to me that theres an underlaying pencil drawing with digital coloring and texture. I've also noticed that recently you started doing more digital stuff. Also, the reflection in the water looks too accurate to be hand made. Not saying you can't do it. So, if it's totally traditional, then a giant monster pat on the back for you on that one.

    Anyways, always a fan. Nice work.

  5. What are you using for background texture Will?

  6. Gold star for Nathanael! Mark too! Jared, I scanned a 11x14 of my texture and put that in my texture pallet to work on.


  7. Will, my comment is this; if someone stumbled upon your site and didn't know your background, they'd think you and Wayne are "partners". with all that travelling together and taking pictures and writing "we" and "us"... I find it hilarious! thanks for the laughs! John Berry

  8. Hi, my name is Michael Falcone and I’m doing a documentary on the Fremont Troll sculpture in Seattle (2nd only to the Space Needle in terms of most favorite Seattle icon). Part of the documentary involves the designers researching what trolls might look like, and while doing an online image search I can across your sketch- which I think is stunning. Would it be possible to use in the documentary? You’d be credited, of course, for use of the image, but I’m on a tight budget so unfortunately I can’t pay you.
    Please let me know. Nice work. A link to the trailer is below.

    1. Hi Michael, Could you email me off - list I think this sounds wonderful!

  9. Hi Michael, Could you email me off - list I think this sounds wonderful!


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