Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loving Photoshop!

I have a new secret love affair and I'm pretty sure my wife will be down with it...until I spend too much time her. Her name is Photoshop and she's so cute! The way she responds to gentle clicking - her color - and those deep dark shadows! Her pixels drive me wild!

I wish I could take the credit but I must send a shout out to Jed Henry who wet nursed me through the process. Oh there were a few choice words at first - a tear here and there but in the end I'm so happy with the process he helped me with. Thanks Jed!

This was an old sketch I dug out to fool around with - he was originally sketched for a Rosa's restaurant painting I did 6 or 7 years ago. El Senior Monteban - quite dapper and oozing with confidence.


  1. Very cool, love the rich colors of both! I just got Photoshop a week ago, have no idea what I'm doing - got the dummies book, but if you have any pointers or points to....I'd appreciate it!

  2. Wow Will! You got the hang of it quick (even if you were wet nursed through. Very great work... as usual. Love it!

  3. Hey Beth, I just started in photoshop - I'm probably not the one to give pointers. I think I'm on my way to recreating what I do with acrylic paint. My general advice would be to begin with an idea of what you want to end up with. Otherwise you'll be experimenting with no clear direction - not necessarily always a bad thing.

    Thanks Jack! - I feel like I just got a new toy!

  4. Very nice! Thanks for the chat the other evening.

  5. Very cool Will! I love the textures you have going! Did you use brushes with texture, or just an overall scanned texture?


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